QUALANOD’s main competencies lie in the areas of anodizing technology and a licence system for issuing the quality label.

The anodizing technology is that associated with anodizing aluminium and its alloys in solutions containing sulfuric acid and includes all process steps in the anodizing line such as etching, colouring and sealing.  A key competence is testing the characteristics and performance of anodized aluminium.

An important competence involves the licence system which QUALANOD has established, and operates and maintains. That includes the Specifications that a licensee has to comply with to retain his licence. The Specifications are kept up-to-date on a regular basis. The system also includes the infrastructure associated with the regular inspection of licensed anodizing plants to verify that they are maintaining compliance.

The nature of the quality label:

  • Selection of suitable standards, eg ISO 7599: 2010 etc
  • Set limit values for the quality assurance
  • Develop instructions for in-house control
  • Verify compliance by independent inspection
  • Adapt the Specifications to new developments