Goals / Mission statement

Mission statement
The mission of QUALANOD is to promote the use and secure the quality of anodised aluminium through the design and management of a product and process certification adapted to end-market needs.


  • To safeguard and develop the standard of quality of the anodic oxidation of aluminium and its alloys.
  • To promote the QUALANOD quality label internationally.
  • Proactively act on sustainability (environmentally, socially and economically).


  • establish, run and maintain a licence system for issuing the QUALANOD quality label (incl. trade mark holding of the quality sign)
  • supervise the Quality Sign and its further development
  • prepare QUALANOD Specifications regarding the pre-requisites for licensing relevant industrial firms to use the Quality Sign, which shall be performance based and product oriented
  • support unification and further development of quality standards
  • safeguard uniform control methods for all QUALANOD licensees
  • safeguard uniform control methods for inspectors and testing institutes organised under QUALISURFAL
  • contribute to market pull activities
  • contribute to the promotion via the members and the general licence holders (market push)
  • adopt the principles laid down in EN 15530 “Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Environmental aspects of aluminium products - General guidelines for their inclusion in standards” in the QUALANOD Specifications
  • evaluate a sustainable QUALANOD label